Product Ingredients

Product Ingredients

Aloe Vera: Aloe vera, sugar, conservative E-223 Allergen: sulfites

Apple: dried apple pieces, natural flavor, sugar, citric acid E-330, conservative E-220 Allergen: sulfites

Apricot: dried apricot, conservative E-220 Allergen: sulfites

Banana chips: banana , vegetable oil, sugar cane, banana flavor. Allergen: may contain traces of peanut, milk and sesame.

Cherry: dehydrated cherry, sugar, citric acid E-330, colour E129 (Can have negative effects on activity and care of children), conservative E-220. Presence of bone <3%. Allergen: sulfites

Coconut: coconut, sugar cane, wheat starch, glucose syrup, dextrose, gelatin, salt. Allergen: It contains gluten.

Coconut without gluten: coconut, sugar cane, conservative E-223. Allegern: sulfites

Cranberry: dried cranberry, sugar, sunflower oil.

Cranberry pineapple juice: Dried cranberry, pineapple sirop (pineapple juice concentrate), pineapple  juice, sunflower oil.

Cranberry apple juice: Dried cranberry, apple  juice concentrate, sunflower oil.

Date: natural date.

Fig: Dried figs.

Frutoo coctel: Cranberry, banana, cherry, strawberry, fig, kiwi, kumquat, mango, apple, melon, apricot, papaya, pineapple, grapefruit and raisins in variable proportion, sunflower oil, coconut oil, honey, sugar, flavor natural, citric acid E-330, colouring agent E129, maltose, salt, regulator of acidity E-509, conservative E220. Allergen: sulfites, may contain traces of nuts.

Ginger:  Crystallised ginger, sugar, conservative E-223. Allergen: sulfites

Exotic ginger: dehydrated ginger (90%), fructose (10%). AllergenMay contain traces of sulphites

Grapefruit: dehydrated grapefruit, sugar, citric acid E-330, colouring agent E133 y E102, conservative E-223. Allergen: sulfites

Goji Berry: Natural dried goji berries y conservative E-220. Allergen: sulfites

Goldenberry: Natural dried goldenberry (alquejenje, physalis).

Gooseberry: dried gooseberry halves, citric acid E-330, sugar, flavor natural, grape juice concentrate, sunflower oil.

Hibiscus flower: Hibiscus flower, sugar, citric acid E-330, coloranting E129 (Can have negative effects on activity and care of children), conservative E-223 Allergen: sulfites

Kiwi: dried kiwi slices, powdered sugar, citric acid E-330, conservative E-220, colorant E133 ou E102. Allergen: sulfites

Kumquat: dehydrated Kumquat (china orange), sugar, maltose, salt, acidity regulator E-509, conservative E-220 Allergen: sulfites

Mango: dehydrated mango slice, sugar, citric acid E-330, conservative E-220 Allergen: sulfites

Medjoul Date:  medjoul date.

Melon cube: melon cantaloup déshydraté, citric acid E-330, sucre, arôme naturel, E-220 Allergen: sulfites

Melon sugar free: melon cantaloup déshydrate, citric acid E-330, arôme naturel, E-223 Allergen: sulfites

Mulberry: dried blackberry.

Organic Apple: organic dried Apple.

Organic Apricot: dried organic apricot.

Organic Banana chips: organic banana, organic vegetable oil, organic honey and sugar cane.

Organic Banana sheets: organic banana sheets.

Organic Pineapple:  organic pineapple.

Organic Peach: organic dried peach halves.

Organic Poire: organic dried poire in sheets.

Organic Orange: organic orange.

Organic Persimmon: organic dried persimmon slices.

Organic fig: organic fig.

Organic Cranberries: Organic dried cranberry premium (60%), organic concentrated apple juice (39%), organic sunflower oil (1%).

Organic Mango: organic mango slice.

Organic Raisin sultane: organic raisin sultane 99,5%, organic sunflower oil 0,5%.

Organic Watermelon: organic watermelon.

Papaya cube: dehydrated papaya, sugar, conservative E-223 Allergen: sulfites

Papaya sugar free: papaya, conservative E-220 Allergen: sulfites

Pear: dehydrated pear halves, conservative E-220 Allergen: sulfites

Pinneapple: dehydrated pineapple, cane sugar, citric acid E-330, conservative E-220 Allergen: sulfites

Prune: prune, sunflower oil, conservative E-202 Allergen: sulfites

Strawberry: dehydrated strawberry, sugar, citric acid E-330, coloring E129, conservative E-223 Allergen: sulfites

Tangerine: tangerine, sugar, citric acid E-330, conservador E-223 Allergen: sulfites

Raisin: Raisin seedless sultana and vegetable oil.


Ecological certificate

Remarks allergens: Asthmatics people can be sensitive to sulfites (E-202, E-220, E-223) so that should moderate their consumption.