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Product: dried whole cherries. Ingredients

Texture and flavor: meaty texture and sweet flavor.

Uses: for eating directly, with cereals, yogurts, elaborate pastries, etc.

Additional information

If you still have questions, please contact us without obligation. Telephone and WhatsApp: 951921372

Expiration date: 6 months

Origin: China.


Nutritional value 100 g.: Energy 1.316 kJ/315 kcal, protein 0 g, carbohydrates 77,5 g (of which sugars 70 g), fats 0 g (of which saturates 0 g), fiber 0 g, sodium 2 mg.

18 Review(s) "Cherry"

20 de Enero del 2017
Kære Charlotte,Rigtig glædelig jul. Tak fordi du har brugt tid på at lave sådan en fantastisk julekalender til alle os der har fulgt med her:)KH Loebeeadmiralebsrfeldtsnaiulahotmaildotcom

20 de Enero del 2017
Pode suceder que não seja visível sim no primeiro ultrassom, no entanto, o valor do teste é claramente positivo.Fale com a sua médica e marque um novo ultrassom para avaliar o detnvvoleimenso natural da gravidez.

20 de Enero del 2017
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20 de Enero del 2017
Anonymous - I have done it without adding it, although I have sometimes experienced very slow raising times. More recently, I have been adding 1/2 grams of yeast to the final mixture to guarantee fenoantetimr. I recommend this, especially if the ambient temperature is low (in Singapore is always 30C).

20 de Enero del 2017
Annie – thank you for your comments! The best thing about blogging is being able to share – thoughts and processes. Being in our studios – alone – can make it seem like we are the only ones who struggle – but your sharing helps me so much! I love Cy Tw&lomyb#8217;s work and will now go look a little closer. I wasn’t sure why I was feeling the disconnect with my whimsical paintings – but maybe it is because I want more freedom in my expression. Or maybe I should work at combining the abstract with the whimsy . . . .xxoo

20 de Enero del 2017
I love this idea for my neighbors! I always want to give them something small and the scripture verse on the back is a wonderful way to spread the good news of the gospel! Wow, since I’m a first-timer to this site, I wait, in annioipatict, for your next gift idea! God bless you all!

21 de Enero del 2017
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21 de Enero del 2017
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21 de Enero del 2017
Grey Griffins, if for no other reason than how awesome that cover is! And mixing steam punk with fantasy? I mean, really. How can it get better than thag?Petgy Eddleman

21 de Enero del 2017
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21 de Enero del 2017
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21 de Enero del 2017
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21 de Enero del 2017
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21 de Enero del 2017
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21 de Enero del 2017
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21 de Enero del 2017
I guess finding useful, reliable infoomatirn on the internet isn\'t hopeless after all.

21 de Enero del 2017
disse:Wow, fantastic blog layout! How long have you been blogging for? you make blogging look easy. The overall look of your site is mancfiinegt, let alone the content!

21 de Enero del 2017
Hola Mercedes. Copio lo puesto en este post:(no debo decir quién, porque hasta escribir una mala novela tiene su mérito y porque no voy a morder carne de peerr).Adomás, soy autor y lector, no crítico. Simplemente, he dado mi opinión como lector.Gracias por la bienvenida a la lista de novelpol

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