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Take care of our health and our physical state are activities that increasingly pay more attention. Carrying a good nutrition and exercise go hand in hand, but while playing sports we can do from time to time, eat what we do every day.

Work and other activities occupy us much of the day and not much time to watch our eating habits , that is, we eat and how we do it. A good eating habit is to make more meals throughout the day, higher quality and less quantity. Thus we provide the body with energy at the precise moment to avoid having to store it as fat.

Frutoo is born in order to offer you a specialized in dehydrated, dry or dried fruit shop . with this idea that we find here a healthy, simple and original proposal to improve your diet. here are new colors and flavors to accompany your meals in your moments of rest in your favorite sport and ultimately enjoy even more of the things you like.

We take care of all the details so you can choose from the comfort of your home, from a variety of dehydrated, dry or dried fruit. We hope you enjoy creative purchasing, where you're the protagonist choosing fruits you like.

We invite you to join Frutoo and discover a different way of eating and healthy peck at any time. You'll be amazed the unique flavor of dried fruits, with a variety of flavors that you'll love.


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