Properties and benefits

Properties of the dried and dehydrated fruit

The dried fruit retains minerals, proteins, carbohydrates, fiber and all the vitamins of fresh fruit. The dehydrated fruit can lose a percentage of its vitamin C and A, on behalf of the fruit conservation obtained.

By removing the skin, pips and reduced water, a kilo of dried fruit is equivalent to average about 7 kilos of fresh fruit, which saves space and reduces weight.

As for price, considering the above, it is cheaper, especially in tropical fruits.

The dried fruit can be stored for more than a year if properly protected in cool, dry place away from sunlight in glass jars instead.

Dried fruits do not need refrigeration.

Some dehydrated fruits contain sulfites as a preservative and antioxidant, product frequently used in the food industry, such as in the manufacture of wine, beer, cookies, chips, etc. Some people with asthma may be sensitive and should moderate their consumption.

Being ready to take do not need to wash, peel or cut. , and you can transport it without a specia care, and that fits in any space (purse, backpack, etc.).

The flavor is more intense, due to the concentration of natural sugars. This makes it a natural and healthy treat. Some bear fruit icing sugar on its surface so that the pieces of fruit do not stick to each other and can be consumed more comfortably.

The dried fruit can be eaten alone or as an ingredient to accompany other dishes (cereals, salads, pasta, etc.).

100 g. of a mixture of dried fruits provide: Energy 1,480 kJ/348 kcal, fat 2.37g (of which saturated 1.85g), carbohydrates 80.6g (of which sugars 64.5g), fibre 2 g, protein 2g, sodium 110.5mg, calcium 176.5mg.

Health benefits

  • It retains most of the features and benefits of fresh fruit.
  • Easy to consume the recommended minimum amount of fruit, which are five servings of fruit. Thus, 150 g dried fruit can get to cover that amount.
  • The process involved dehydration of fruits improves the absorption of ascorbic acid and carotene.
  • Regulating properties of multiple body functions, including digestive, circulatory, immunological among others,by their content of fiber and vitamins.
  • Have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that help in fighting urinary tract infections. Prevent diseases such as prostate cancer.
  • Highly recommended to replenish energy quickly in activities and tasks that consume a lot of energy, such as sport, the study, physical work.
  • No cholesterol.
  • An excellent snack
Beneficios para la salud de la fruta