Organic Orange

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Product: Organic dried orange. Without added sugar. Ingredients

Texture and flavor: firm texture. Intense flavor of orange.

Uses: as a snack at any time of day. Ideal to take away as candy.

Additional information

If you still have questions, please contact us without obligation. Telephone and WhatsApp: 951921372

Expiration date: 6 months

Origin: Spain.

Ingredients and Organic certificate

Nutritional value 100 g.: Energy 844 kJ/202 kcal, protein 6,48 g, carbohydrates 40,79 g, fats 1,44 g (of which saturates 0,45 g), fibre 13,1 g.

8 Review(s) "Organic Orange"

20 de Enero del 2017
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20 de Enero del 2017
Ahmoadu Jabbi August 28, 2012 I had great laugh Berni and thanks for the awesome work you are doing for us. may god bless you and your family. I love the day today and you made that happen. Please come back again soon!!!

20 de Enero del 2017
Awwww …. I love this dish and i was looking for it wax badan Mcnto, thanks a lot, lakin can we use another type of milk, we dont have caano loaa2817;#&d sadly Plz advise me on that, wanna do it as soon as possible We have only, maraaci, caano boore, caano geel iyo ari oo fresh ah, so wat do u think?! Thank you very much once again, u r de best as always

20 de Enero del 2017
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21 de Enero del 2017
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21 de Enero del 2017
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21 de Enero del 2017
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21 de Enero del 2017
Se eu soubesse cantar, cantava-te os parabéns... em alentejano. Tenta lá que demora mais tempo e não é tão foleiro. Como na sei vou beber um copo, ou dois, por ti e por mim.Um abMio§o.rÃnganho

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