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Frutoo Cocktail

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Product: dried fruit cocktail made with cranberry, banana chips, cherry, figs, strawberry,  kiwi, mango, apple, melon, apricot, papaya, pineapple and grapefruit.

Ingredients: Cranberry, banana, cherry, strawberry, kiwi, mango, apple, melon, apricot, papaya, pineapple, and grapefruit in variable proportion, sunflower oilcoconut oil, honey, sugar, flavor natural, citric acid E-330, colouring agent E129, maltose, salt, regulator of acidity E-509, preservative E220. Allergensulfitesmay contain traces of nuts.

Uses: as a snack at any time of day. Fruit candy, to provide energy in daily activities, work, sports, studio, etc.

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Expiration date: 6 months

Origin:Mix of fruits not originating in the EU.


Nutritional value 100 g.: Energy 1.480 kJ/348 kcal,  fats 2,37 g (of which saturates 1,85 g), carbohydrates 80,6 g (of which sugars 64,5 g), fiber 3,12 g, proteines 2 g, sodium 10 mg, calcium 176,5 mg.

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