The dehydration process

The dehydration process

Dehydration of foods

Dehydration is a process by which you can eliminate much of the water content of a food. Depending on the food different techniques are used. This process can be found in any food consumed today, from juices, soups, condiments, meat, fish, vegetables and fruit.

This process is used since ancient times. The man began drying food in the sun or shade and these, with the heat or the cold, were losing water getting for a longer time be preserved. This method of food preservation prevents damage because microorganisms need water to grow can not.

Different techniques for drying fruit or dehydration are used. From the earliest as the hot sun, in the case of the raisin, to modern, like hot air drying and freeze drying for all types of fruits.

Do not confuse the dried fruit with candied fruit. The candied fruit cooked in syrup to absorb the syrup after a rest of 48 hours, which gives a fruit with more moisture, the more sugar and other texture.



With dehydration, the fruit loses most of its water retaining all its properties and concentrating all their natural nutrients. Depending on the type of fruit or the degree of dehydration you want, is used either system. The process of hot air drying is as follows:

  • Selection of fruit at optimum ripeness, eliminating those that are not.
  • Wash the fruit to remove any impurities.
  • Peel and cut fruit you need.
  • Water Immersion: Fruit immersed for several minutes in water and one of the following solutes depending on the fruit: citrus acid (lemon juice), ascorbic acid (vitamin C), sodium chloride (salt), glucose, honey etc.. This treatment serves to preserve the nutrients neutralize enzymes that damage the fruit, to adjust the pH, facilitate drying, and to keep the colors and natural flavors.
  • Dehydration: the fruit is dried with hot air at 60 °C for several hours to obtain a final moisture content between 10% and 25%.
  • For some fruits that have been peeled add a thin layer of sugar glase to retain their moisture and will not stick together.


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