Hibiscus flower

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Product: Dehidrated hibiscus flower. Ingredients

Textura and flavor: Delicate texture with a slight floral flavor.

Uses: to take sole or decorating desserts, drinks and other foods.

Additional information

If you still have questions, please contact us without obligation. Telephone and WhatsApp: 951921372

Expiration date: 6 months

Origin: Thailand.


Nutritional value 100 g.: Energy 1.463 kJ/350 kcal, protein 0 g, carbohydrates 88 g (of which sugars 80 g), fats 0 g (of which saturates 0 g), sodium 340 mg, potassium 10 mg.

9 Review(s) "Hibiscus flower"

20 de Enero del 2017
for et fantastisk bilde!!! takk for at du oppdaga logo-blunderen min...har kjøpt ny pc i dag, den gamle døde i gÃ¥r...og da mÃ¥ jeg innse at jeg er ekte blÃp.ine.d.ho¥ner det blir bedre... ha ei flortt uke.

20 de Enero del 2017
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20 de Enero del 2017
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20 de Enero del 2017
mpalma / desculpa lá a minha igorancia mas como é que tu sabes que nao existe pegadas nao ouve barulho e só demoraram 5 missGon?toutei deste comentário ou não: 2

21 de Enero del 2017
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21 de Enero del 2017
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21 de Enero del 2017
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21 de Enero del 2017
Tästä tuli mieleen, että siathan on kaikkiruokasia ja eiks luomusioilleki syötetää vaan jotain rehuja. Ymmärtääkseni se muuttaa sianlihan laatua ihmiselle epeiserveellisÃkt¤, eli jos olen ymmärtänyt oikein luomusianlihaakaan ei pitäisi syödä?! Tiedätkö asiasta jotain enemmän?

21 de Enero del 2017
It\'s great to find an expert who can exiapln things so well

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