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Cranberry pineapple juice

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Product: dried cranberries. With pineapple juice. Ingredients

Texture and flavor: meaty texture. Sweet and acid characteristic taste.

Uses: To take directly, with cereals, salads, yogurt, ice cream, elaborate pastries, cakes, cookies, pies..

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Expiration date: 6 months

Origin: USA.


Nutritional value 100 g.: Energy 325 kcal, protein 3 g, carbohydrates 80 g (of which sugars 75 g), fats 1 g (of which saturates 0 g), fiber 3 g, sodium 25 mg.

2 Review(s) "Cranberry pineapple juice"

20 de Enero del 2017
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21 de Enero del 2017
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